My journey so far..Finding Reiki and TFT

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  2. My journey so far..Finding Reiki and TFT

When I lost my mum she was only 60 and I felt I had been robbed of so many years with her. My boys were very young and their father was at sea often. We lived in Portsmouth and a great many hours were spent teaching them to swim at the Naval Base pool. One day whilst in the pool with the boys I came over really hot, my heart was racing and I froze on the spot. I knew I had to get out of the pool and cut short their swimming. They could not understand what was going on but I just had an overwhelming urge to leave. After a doctors visit I found out that I had just had my first panic attack. The doctor suggested a talking therapy as we felt it was to do with mums death and the utter feeling of being out of control regarding her illness.

So I took the advice and from there they suggested Reiki. Now this was over 20 years ago so I was definitely with the right doctor back then. It certainly calmed me down and the attacks went away.It gave me a way of getting back my control on life.

A few years later and they came back when i was separating from my first husband. By this time i had Yoga and Reiki to turn to which got me through a tough 6 months.

Over the ensuing years I would dip into Reiki when i felt anxious and overwhelmed. One day I saw my Reiki Master was teaching a course in how to do it for yourself and I knew from my positive experience that this was the next step. So fast forward to today and I have become a Master teacher myself of Usui, Karuna and Drum Reiki.

Thought Field Therapy has been my most recent discovery. When I lived in Abu Dhabi friends would come to stay and always plan to go up to the top of the Burj khalifa, the tallest building in the world. I had always struggled with heights and felt that I did not want to miss out so looked around for something to help. I came upon TFT and thought it may just what i needed. I tapped for a week before the guests arrived and replayed every day a 360 video of the view from the top. The night before the trip there I dreamt that I was sleeping at the top and I can still recall the feeling of being swayed by the wind at such a height. The video caused my brain to think it had already been there. So when i got up there my brain was not fazed at all.

The day came and I tapped just before getting in the lift up to the 125th floor. I felt calm and the doors opened, I walked out and stayed up there for 1 hour. I was astonished. Not only that I went back and did the same the following month. I was calm and even took photos of the view.

As soon as I returned from my travels I was booked onto a TFT course as I was aware of how life changing it was. Now I am a practitioner sharing it with others. All of the practices I share have come from my own experiences of the need to find something to deal with certain situations.

Throughout life there will be challenges(bumps in the road I call them) and the greatest thing we can take along with us is something that lifts us again and gives us a knowing that things will be ok and where we are at that moment is where we should be for our own learning and empowerment.


Keep looking and learning and always be inquisitive.


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