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I am an Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher, Thought Field Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher and often overlap my knowledge when working with my tribe.
Covering Ipswich, Woodbridge and the world online.

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Close to 40 Years Experience

About Diana Malone

Diana’s experience is based on a wealth of yoga styles, gained from nearly 40 years of her own personal yoga practice and from the opportunities over those years to practice with a wide range of teachers from a variety of traditions. In her own life, she has benefitted immeasurably from yoga’s power to transform.

Her early days of teaching were pure Ashtanga. Now she is bringing Energy Medicine Yoga to her more flow-based classes. This shift came as a result of her experience of the power of energy within the body by teaching Reiki and practicing Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Keep looking and learning and always be inquisitive.

Throughout life there are challenges (bumps in the road Diana calls them) and the greatest thing we can take along with us is something that lifts us again and gives us a knowing that things will be ok and where we are at that moment is where we should be for our own learning and empowerment.

Keep looking and learning and always be inquisitive.

What my students say

I attended one of Diana’s yoga classes with a friend 4 years ago in order to increase my mobility and reduce my stress levels. Diana’s dedication and passion for her discipline are such that she is constantly learning her art and sharing new techniques with her yogis on a weekly basis. Tensions in my body are regularly eased by the practice and my general well being has improved. A yoga class with Diana is a self discovery of body and mind. A feeling of calm is now a constant reminder of the effectiveness of Diana’s combined techniques. As for Covid 19 lockdown, a potentially stressful time for many, Diana has stretched her learning into new technology in order to continue all her weekly classes and more via Zoom, with class recordings for all participants.

Elaine Fisher

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