My journey so far…Becoming Me

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  2. My journey so far…Becoming Me

When I am sitting at the front of my classes welcoming everyone into our space I sometimes wonder who they think I am. As a teacher we are taught to listen to others and not really share ourselves with our clients. Do they really even ask that question or is that my own ego.

But I questioned this thinking as surely them having an understanding of my journey would give them a good idea of why I was sitting in front of them sharing this life changing thing called ‘Yoga’.

Through all my life events i realise how resourceful, resilient and open to love i am after the paths my life has taken me on. I have always believed things would change and get better, resolve themselves and it always has. A favourite quote of mine is ‘The only thing we can be sure of is that everything changes’ I think understanding this really does release us from controlling things and being afraid.

My earliest recollection of my independent nature came when my parents divorced when I was 10. We had no spare money, so as soon as I was able I got a paper round so I could buy things for myself. From there I worked in the local shop and also became a housekeeper.

Mum remarried and we had a very controlling step father who I really struggled to get on with. Life was pretty tough and by the time I finished school I was ready to spread my wings. I went into the Police Cadets at Martlesham and my whole world opened up. I left home at 16 1/2 and knew I would never live there again. I was pushed out of my comfort zone everyday and the time there really increased my independence and self worth. On becoming a qualified Police Officer I moved to Lowestoft. Now I was on the learning curve of my life. I was head on into life as a police constable. As a young woman it was hard and I felt the pressure of what I was confronted with on a daily basis.

It was at this point that I found Yoga, totally unaware of the impact it would have on my life. I remember initially going to a class to find different friends as the only ones I had were officers and I wanted to meet local people and I needed to find some perspective.

I was hooked. Over my life having lived in 26 houses and several places this was always my anchor from uncertainty that came with new places. I would seek out a class wherever I found myself, some not even in the same language. But Yoga is only one language and found I could always manage well.

Sometimes I would help others learn when asked and often thought of becoming a teacher. But with travelling, 2 children and a husband in the forces that was never an option.

Then one day 5 yeas ago I had a feeling that I had not experienced before ever. I did not have to be anywhere, be anybody ie: a parent, wife, an employee or a house owner. Wow what a feeling that was. So this was my chance. I googled teacher training, for the time i was free and the amount I could afford and the rest is history. I found myself in Thailand, travelling alone to be with a group of people from all over the world. I will never forget the experience. It was tough but so rewarding.

During my first separation I found the only evening I could have a coherent conversation with my husband was after my Yoga class. It brought me into a space from where I could control my overwhelming feelings of sadness and move us both forward. With uncertainty came a peace that everything would work out ok.

As life moved on I kept Yoga at the heart of my life and it has served me so well. Always bringing things back into perspective and helping me to know when my second marriage had played it’s course. Nothing is forever and knowing when to let something go is very liberating and empowering.

At the end of each day I give thanks for the people who I have come into contact with. As practitioners we are never sure what our impact is, but I trust that they will all take with them what they need. That is my wish.

In the next Blog I would like to share is how Reiki and TFT came into my life.


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