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On my book shelf I have a great reference book ‘What’s in this stuff’, the essential guide to what’s really in the products you buy, by Pat Thomas.
I wanted to check up on hair dye ingredients. As I got to that chapter ‘Toiletries and cosmetics’ I noticed there were 74 pages. That is a lot.

Over the last 5 years I have gradually been replacing all my toiletries and cosmetics with less toxic alternatives. Well for anyone that knows me I hardly wear makeup anyway. Lippy really and that is organic. I feel happy that I am now on top of this but I struggle to not get my hair coloured. Am I scared of uncovering what I know to be grey hair? Why, well I know how much it will change my complexion and I must be concerned with how I look as I have a perception that I will look older. Also how do I transition?

In the average hair dye there is ammonia,diaminobenzenes, phenylenfiamines,resorcinol,phemols,hydrogen peroxide, diaminotoluene and different phenylenediamines.

When I read on there were numerous studies showing the relationship between hair dyes and cancers. They do say it is difficult to say which ingredient is the culprit but if I cannot pronounce it I don’t think it can be good. So I need to sit with the question of what I do next. I am very conscious at every other level of my health but this one I seem to continue to shrug off. I need to dig deep and really work out what I am afraid of.

I wrote that to myself in May 2016. It has taken me to April 2017 to finally take the decision to allow my hair to turn its natural colour. Jason of ‘Saxbys’ my long-time hairdresser says I’m only 30% grey. Well now we can find out. We decided to use a gloss to help the transition. So no colour, just going cold turkey. I have had a short cut so the transition is quicker-hopefully.

What finally changed my mind. Well I have grown emotionally a lot in the last year, not least supporting 2 friends losing their hair to breast cancer and all the emotion that entails. We have had several conversations on the importance of our hair and what it means to lose it.

I feel ready to finally be me and embrace my wise woman years as a gift that I can share. For too long I have been who others wanted me to be and now i am stronger that need not be my future.

Send me your pictures if you are doing the same. Be brave, be fearless and most of all be yourself.

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