REIKI and Animal Communication

Healing sessions, classes and treatments

Reiki is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands and is thousands of years old.

It is thought to have been used by the Tibetan monks around 2500 years ago. Reiki involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the balance of energy.

Reiki can help you in so many ways

Stress at work

Divorce or separation

Bereavement or loss

Post operative discomfort

Continual tiredness

Pain of all descriptions


Sleep disorders

Emotional problems

Lack of energy


Post natal Depression


Seasonal affected disorder

Feelings of anger or fear

Feelings of greed or hatred

All negative thoughts


Reiki - Individual Session
  • Reiki - Initial Consultation and treatment £55
  • Follow-up appointments charged at £50 each.
Initial Consultation and treatment
£255Special Buy 5 get 1 free
  • Initial treatment and 5 follow up treatments, payable in advance.

Treatments in person in Woodbridge, Ipswich and the surrounding areas.
Appointments are subject to a 24 hour notice cancellation charge.

Animal Communication and Reiki

When an animal can tell me why they are suffering, healing is much faster. We can bring you closer to your pet and when you understand them your connection is much greater. There is happiness is knowing what your animal needs and wants.

Animal Reiki Sessions
  • Animal Reiki - Initial Consultation and treatment
  • Follow-up appointments charged at £50 each.

Distance or Remote Healing

Reiki Distance Healing sessions can be booked for yourself, your partner, your family, loved ones, colleagues or friends. Adults and children can benefit as well as your pets and animals. You can book sessions for any type of physical or emotional health condition or other difficulties in your life. Distant healing is as effective as a hands on session. Often the sensations can be even more intense.

They are also extremely useful for those occasions when you can’t leave home due to a cold, back pain or simply because you are unable to travel.

All you need to do is lie down and relax to let the energy flow. If you like you can play music, burn incense or candles…whatever makes you feel comfortable. Afterwards please rest for a little while so that you gain the most from the healing session.

When mutually convenient we will chat or email to discuss any issues that arose during the session and to consider how to move forward with treatment.

A Reiki distant healing session lasts 45 minutes with time for talking afterwards and costs £50.

All healing sessions are by prior appointment only.

Looking to learn REIKI?

I provide classes and tutorials from First Degree through to Master Practitioner and even the art of Reiki Drum Techniques.
I teach in small groups so the training can be done in one day, provided you put aside time the next day for personal study and practice.