Energy Medicine online classes, including seated Yoga

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We offer Chair based and regular classes. You will have  24/7 access, as well as a back catalogue of previous classes, including meditations, specific energy work and more. You will have your own account area to watch and manage your membership.


I’ve had back trouble for more than 10 years. I’ve had two operations, the most recent about six and a half years ago. I’d pretty much given up on living a pain-free life and I’ve been taking a fairly low dose of painkillers almost continuously throughout this time. I joined one of your beginner classes and was made to feel very welcome. I enjoy the class and feel I’ve made some good progress. My flexibility will never be absolute, although it is much improved, and I will continue to struggle with some balances and stretches. But best of all, I’ve managed to come off my painkillers and now, with effort put into keeping my back supple and strong, I’m feeling much more confident about the future. Thanks Diana, for all you have done. I can honestly say I am truly seeing, and feeling, the benefits!

Vivienne Maunder

I have been practising Yoga on and off for over 12 years but have been attending Diana’s classes for the last 4 years as many times as I possibly can. I find the difference I feel from driving to the classes to leaving the classes so amazing – I’m de-stressed, calmer of mind & always smiling – no matter how hard a day or week I’m having. I’m also a very keen Surfer – this was my initial reason for starting yoga – and find that since attending Diana’s classes my flexibility & recovery speed has greatly increased & I’ve introduced numerous moves & positions that she’s taught me for pre & post surf stretching. In Diana you’ll find an extremely caring, attentive, fun & energising teacher that I only wish I’d of found earlier.

Paul Shanks