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The reason I started practising Yoga 13 years ago, was I was diagnosed with Osteopenia and needed to do some weight bearing exercise. I already did a lot of walking and although my GP suggested running or the gym ( both of which I didn’t fancy doing) the lady at my DXA scan said try Yoga.

Diana is my third Yoga teacher ( for no other reason than the teachers at my local class have changed). Diana is the only yoga teacher who also teaches Energy Medicine Yoga. I enjoy yoga classes and love the feeling of inner calm after a class. I also find its the best nights sleep I have after a Yoga class. I do have some stress in my job but I find when I start getting stressed if I close my eyes and just breathe slowly a few times it passes. Yoga has brought me many benefits – from better sleep, better posture, better stress management and also on my 3 yearly DXA scans my Osteopenia has remained the same. I love attending yoga classes and cant wait till we can all attend classes in person again. Diana is a fantastic yoga teacher and I’m loving the energy medicine yoga that she adds to the classes.

Wendy S

I have been practising Yoga on and off for over 12 years but have been attending Diana’s classes for the last 4 years as many times as I possibly can. I find the difference I feel from driving to the classes to leaving the classes so amazing – I’m de-stressed, calmer of mind & always smiling – no matter how hard a day or week I’m having. I’m also a very keen Surfer – this was my initial reason for starting yoga – and find that since attending Diana’s classes my flexibility & recovery speed has greatly increased & I’ve introduced numerous moves & positions that she’s taught me for pre & post surf stretching. In Diana you’ll find an extremely caring, attentive, fun & energising teacher that I only wish I’d of found earlier.

Paul Shanks