Energy Medicine online classes, including seated Yoga

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We offer Chair based and regular classes. You will haveĀ  24/7 access, as well as a back catalogue of previous classes, including meditations, specific energy work and more. You will have your own account area to watch and manage your membership.


A great teacher and always has a smile on her face. I was privileged to spend the day with Diane whilst completing my Reiki Master and could not have asked for more it was perfect. And the food at lunch time was yummy I even have the recipe now. Highly recommended. Karen B.

John Doe

The reason I started practising Yoga 13 years ago, was I was diagnosed with Osteopenia and needed to do some weight bearing exercise. I already did a lot of walking and although my GP suggested running or the gym ( both of which I didn’t fancy doing) the lady at my DXA scan said try Yoga.

Diana is my third Yoga teacher ( for no other reason than the teachers at my local class have changed). Diana is the only yoga teacher who also teaches Energy Medicine Yoga. I enjoy yoga classes and love the feeling of inner calm after a class. I also find its the best nights sleep I have after a Yoga class. I do have some stress in my job but I find when I start getting stressed if I close my eyes and just breathe slowly a few times it passes. Yoga has brought me many benefits – from better sleep, better posture, better stress management and also on my 3 yearly DXA scans my Osteopenia has remained the same. I love attending yoga classes and cant wait till we can all attend classes in person again. Diana is a fantastic yoga teacher and I’m loving the energy medicine yoga that she adds to the classes.

Wendy S