What my yogi’s say about me

Yoga with Diana is a real help to get through stressful times
She uses a mix of moves and practices which resonates with her pupils and is backed up with excellent videos
Diana is generous with sharing important information to help wellness and relaxation
Her breath work and Yoga moves have been key to reducing the ‘busy mind’ and understand how important it is to ‘self care’

Jane O

Diana is compassionate, skilful and easy to talk to- both as a Yoga teacher and healer. she leads you through TFT sessions with great love and a quiet confidence that is so reassuring. Her Reiki leaves you feeling calm and more in control of life. I really appreciate your kind consideration and passion to help people. Thank you Diana! TM

John Doe

Thank you so much for the sessions you gave me they were amazing


I started yoga with Di around 8 years ago now, I had previously tried out a couple of other classes within gyms and my experience had always been disappointing and I generally came away feeling frustrated. After meeting Di and feeling an instant attraction to her sense of calm and ‘can do attitude’ I attended one of her classes and was completely converted! I loved the more intimate feel of being in a smaller class and instead of feeling frustrated that I couldn’t tie myself in a bow whilst standing on my head-as I had near on witnessed by previous instructors (who seemed far more into their own practice as a posed to teaching us meh mortals)I felt a much bigger sense of connection with myself (both physically and mentally) than I had expected. I found that even with connecting with my breath alone made an exceptional difference in how I was feeling and where I could take my practice. Over the years I have continued to learn, grow and meet a lovely community of like minded people through Diana’s classes and have gone on to experience TFT sessions, Reiki training (1&2), have attended small yoga retreats, Yoga with Goats and have been following Diana’s journey with her Energy Medicine Yoga. I could not recommend Diana Malone high enough-she is a wonderful, passionate, motivating and knowledgeable yoga teacher!!


A great teacher and always has a smile on her face. I was privileged to spend the day with Diane whilst completing my Reiki Master and could not have asked for more it was perfect. And the food at lunch time was yummy I even have the recipe now. Highly recommended. Karen B.

John Doe

I’ve had back trouble for more than 10 years. I’ve had two operations, the most recent about six and a half years ago. I’d pretty much given up on living a pain-free life and I’ve been taking a fairly low dose of painkillers almost continuously throughout this time. I joined one of your beginner classes and was made to feel very welcome. I enjoy the class and feel I’ve made some good progress. My flexibility will never be absolute, although it is much improved, and I will continue to struggle with some balances and stretches. But best of all, I’ve managed to come off my painkillers and now, with effort put into keeping my back supple and strong, I’m feeling much more confident about the future. Thanks Diana, for all you have done. I can honestly say I am truly seeing, and feeling, the benefits!

Vivienne Maunder

I have been practising Yoga on and off for over 12 years but have been attending Diana’s classes for the last 4 years as many times as I possibly can. I find the difference I feel from driving to the classes to leaving the classes so amazing – I’m de-stressed, calmer of mind & always smiling – no matter how hard a day or week I’m having. I’m also a very keen Surfer – this was my initial reason for starting yoga – and find that since attending Diana’s classes my flexibility & recovery speed has greatly increased & I’ve introduced numerous moves & positions that she’s taught me for pre & post surf stretching. In Diana you’ll find an extremely caring, attentive, fun & energising teacher that I only wish I’d of found earlier.

Paul Shanks

Having done Yoga 20 years previously, I was keen to take this up again when I retired. I joined Diana Malone’s yoga class on the recommendation of a friend. I was immediately made to feel welcome and now feel very much part of Diana’s yoga “family”. Diana has enormous enthusiasm and knowledge and is very supportive of all the members of the group. After almost three years I am more bendy, energetic and relaxed. Thank you Diana!

Susan Jarrold

I attended one of Diana’s yoga classes with a friend 4 years ago in order to increase my mobility and reduce my stress levels. Diana’s dedication and passion for her discipline are such that she is constantly learning her art and sharing new techniques with her yogis on a weekly basis. Tensions in my body are regularly eased by the practice and my general well being has improved. A yoga class with Diana is a self discovery of body and mind. A feeling of calm is now a constant reminder of the effectiveness of Diana’s combined techniques. As for Covid 19 lockdown, a potentially stressful time for many, Diana has stretched her learning into new technology in order to continue all her weekly classes and more via Zoom, with class recordings for all participants.

Elaine Fisher

Incredible. I know Diana through doing her amazing yoga classes. During a rather difficult time in my life I had Thought Field Therapy. It was so lovely, the difference it makes, in a short amount of time is exactly what I needed. It is a lovely relaxing way to help through something, anything. I also used it at home or anywhere in-between sessions when things started to build up again which was very helpful. Diana is an amazing support, the combination of the lovely Diana and Thought Field Therapy is perfect. I highly recommend Diana and Thought Field Therapy. Thank you so much for all your help and support!


The reason I started practising Yoga 13 years ago, was I was diagnosed with Osteopenia and needed to do some weight bearing exercise. I already did a lot of walking and although my GP suggested running or the gym ( both of which I didn’t fancy doing) the lady at my DXA scan said try Yoga.

Diana is my third Yoga teacher ( for no other reason than the teachers at my local class have changed). Diana is the only yoga teacher who also teaches Energy Medicine Yoga. I enjoy yoga classes and love the feeling of inner calm after a class. I also find its the best nights sleep I have after a Yoga class. I do have some stress in my job but I find when I start getting stressed if I close my eyes and just breathe slowly a few times it passes. Yoga has brought me many benefits – from better sleep, better posture, better stress management and also on my 3 yearly DXA scans my Osteopenia has remained the same. I love attending yoga classes and cant wait till we can all attend classes in person again. Diana is a fantastic yoga teacher and I’m loving the energy medicine yoga that she adds to the classes.

Wendy S

I started yoga about 5 years ago as I realised that the usual aerobic exercise i had been doing was just feeding the mania in my head . I knew I needed something to quieten my mind and still exercise .
I’ve been hooked on Diana’s classes since the start . I like the mix of creating great body strength and a quiet head . The class is a place I can talk about spiritual ideas and processes and not be seen as mad ! Diana has helped me grow in both areas, she has put me in touch with some amazing people that have further helped me to explore my health and spirituality .
I love the energy medicine and practice it daily.
The online classes have been amazing and chat, chill and chant has been a lifesaver during these difficult times . Thanks Diana for your gift to me and the Universe . I’m enjoying the journey ! X

Jackie Bloomfield

“I had wanted to do yoga for years when, at the age of 46 on the recommendation of a friend, I finally attended a class with Diana Malone. From the minute I arrived Diana made me feel welcome and comfortable. Five years later I am calmer, happier and have even more energy than ever, and Diana’s wonderful mix of Yoga instruction, knowledge of and enthusiasm for well-being, friendship and the lovely people who make up her yoga community are a big part of that.”

Jason Butler