Energy Medicine Yoga

​Energy Medicine Yoga helps greatly increase your strength, health and resiliency

What is unique about Energy Medicine Yoga?

We integrate Yoga and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) to greatly increase your strength, health and resiliency.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction and/or pain, or would simply like more joy, vitality and contentment in your life – EMYoga can help.

Do you want to deepen your understanding of energy, and are looking for the tools and skills you need to affect how energy works in your body and yoga practice? Want to learn ways to transform the poses you already know with simple modifications, and turbocharge the healing energy of your body? Or simply want to learn how to work ‘smarter’ in your yoga practice instead of ‘harder’?

Would you like to take part in one of our online Energy Medicine Yoga classes?

Join our growing community of EMYoga fans.

Classes available 24/7

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Join our ‘On Demand’ community. EMYoga available 24/7. With a guarantee of new content every week. Clients are loving choosing a class when it suits them with no travelling involved.

We offer meditations, breathwork and shorter classes also.

Just image doing your favourite class and then snuggling into bed. What an amazing nights sleep you will have.

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We have fabulous Unlimited online EMYoga classes for £20 per month and Chair Yoga classes for £10 per month.

Online 24/7 membership
  • Unlimited on-demand access
Online Chair Yoga
  • Unlimited 24/7 membership

Chair Yoga

This style of Yoga makes breathwork, meditation and movement accessible for all. Incorporating Energy Medicine ensures your mood lifts and your energy levels rise. Done regularly you will feel more mobile, calmer and energised.

Classes can be accessed 24/7 for £10 per month.

Online- On Demand

Experience our live recorded classes, meditations, Chair Yoga and much more in our ‘On Demand’ area. There is an area for beginners if you are new to my work. If you are a seasoned Yogi head straight to the classes. We work with the seasons, and here you will find ways to support yourself during these changing times of the year.

We work to balance your energies so your feel uplifted, energised and joyful.


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I’ve had back trouble for more than 10 years. I’ve had two operations, the most recent about six and a half years ago. I’d pretty much given up on living a pain-free life and I’ve been taking a fairly low dose of painkillers almost continuously throughout this time. I joined one of your beginner classes and was made to feel very welcome. I enjoy the class and feel I’ve made some good progress. My flexibility will never be absolute, although it is much improved, and I will continue to struggle with some balances and stretches. But best of all, I’ve managed to come off my painkillers and now, with effort put into keeping my back supple and strong, I’m feeling much more confident about the future. Thanks Diana, for all you have done. I can honestly say I am truly seeing, and feeling, the benefits!

Vivienne Maunder